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Our founder Mr. PR Goel started his journey in the year 1954 when our India was free. Almost five decades later, he gathered resources & materials along with his son Ashok Goel now as a Managing Director of the company. The GRCPL group is steering steadily but rapidly into yet new territories in the transportation sector.

Ashok Goel is continuing to shape his father’s dreams & vision. He has led the GRCPL group in the higher position in their industry. On service parameters, creative solutions, security the GRCPL has always raises the industry bar higher with each passing day.

Today, the group’s cargo fleet constitutes all types of carriers, from containerized to open Tata 407s, from multi- axle to weaver type fleet, with 1 kg to 120 tones wide lift capacity spectrum.

An ISO 9001:2000 certification for the GRCPL group is a natural result of the company’s operational excellence.